Everything you need to know about Corporate security and Windows 7 (in easy-to-understand language)


3 March 2020

BGR Informatique | Clavier d'ordinateur Windows

You may or may not have heard that Microsoft officially put Windows 7 on life support on January 14, 2020. As a business leader, your first question might be: “So what?” The simplest answer is that your computer security (and the security of your customer data) may currently be weakened. Are you affected by the problem? What exactly is the problem? What can you do about it? It’s always better to anticipate hits before they happen; below, we outline everything you need to know.

The Windows 7 End of Life affair in a nutshell

While the issue only affects computers running the Windows 7 operating system, any outdated operating system puts you in a similar situation.

Even though EOL-day has been and gone, it’s likely your computers are still operational and haven’t malfunctioned yet. On the surface, everything is fine. However, moving forward, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or customer support for this operating system. In other words, your computers have a security flaw and must now fend for themselves. Also, you may gradually notice compatibility issues with your various work tools.

How do I know if my employees are using Windows 7?

… is the first question you should ask yourself! If you don’t know the answer, you’ll uncover it here. ⬇︎

  1. Do they have laptops or desktop computers? Please note that all such devices can run on Windows 7.
  2. Do your employees use Mac (Apple) computers? If so, you don’t have Windows 7. If not, go to the next step.
  3. Click on the Windows button on each computer keyboard. From the on-screen menu, go to Settings => System => About. The information you need is under Windows Specifications.

To act or not to act: the real deal

Does this issue affect you? To make an informed decision, you need to understand the problem. Right now, it’s like you are leaving the back door of your home, which contains boxes of sensitive customer data, unlocked all the time. While a home invasion isn’t a foregone conclusion, if thieves do attempt to invade your home, you’ve made their job extremely easy. Moreover, if you do lock the door, there’ s no guarantee that the lock won’t be forced. But your unwanted visitor will have to work hard to do so. In short, you are already at risk, and inaction is not the solution. We recommend not tempting your luck. Batten down the hatch now!

3 solutions to fix this loophole (and guarantee your peace of mind)

  1. The deferral option: Subscribe to paid Windows 7 updates, which will be available until 2023.
  2. The update option: migrate to Windows 10 or replace your existing computers with new ones that support the latest operating system.
  3. The long-term option: ask experts to implement one of the above options for you or assess your needs and propose an action plan tailored to your reality that will ensure the sustainability of your equipment (a service BGR offers!).

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