Everyone to his trade…

Ours is to manage your IT.

The IT outsourcing consists in entrusting the management of the computer equipment of an enterprise to a specialized partner with the aim of redirecting its internal resources around the main activity of the company.

It is therefore a strategic management tool accessible to all the decision makers of companies. Optimal productivity, real savings, flexibility of management, cost control… the benefits of such a solution are numerous.

You will benefit from BGR Informatique’s experience and expertise to support the technological challenges facing your company.


IT Services

Everyone to his trade…
Ours is to manage your IT.

You will benefit from BGR Informatique’s experience and expertise to support the technological challenges facing your company.

IT Services with BGR Informatique, means:

  • A customized offer adapted to your organization
  • A complete range of services
  • A mutualization of the resources through active surveillance
  • A technical expertise
  • A control and constant supervision of your computer equipment
  • A monthly documented monitoring

Entrust us your IT management


IT Projets

We are with you for all your IT Projects!

Any IT project requires planning and flawless execution in order to avoid losses or delays in the capital of a company.

With over 10 years of experience with business, BGR has the expertise needed to manage and implement your IT projects. This assure you a high security and quality of execution and thereby avoid unexpected damages caused by improper planning.

Examples of projects:

  • Analysis and update network infrastructure
  • Virtualization VMware and HyperV, SAN
  • Migration Exchange Server
  • Audit network
  • Implementation of wireless network
  • Migrating to Office 365 or any other Cloud solution
  • Implementation of Firewall and safety in the workplace
  • BYOD Strategy
  • Planning and Execution, as part of a move
  • and more…

Your IT projects should be managed by experts, that is where we come in.

Let us guide you in your IT projects


Transition to Cloud

We accompany you in all your decisions!

Cloud services were previously the reserve of large enterprises, which is not currently the case. Business Services offered through cloud computing are numerous and are now part of the current technological scene. These services are now accessible to companies wishing to be up-to-date and inventive at costs appropriate to their own template.

BGR will help you make the transition from a complete analysis of your needs to the finalization of the process from the responses to a critical questioning if your needs are moving towards cloud services for your software, your IT infrastructure and/or your platform.

Here is in part, what we will analyze before undertaking this transition:

  • Do you wish to increase your storage capacity in the short, medium or long term? What is your IT budget for the next fiscal year? Other?
  • If, for instance, tomorrow morning there as a disaster, is your data safe? The resumption of activities could it be done quickly?
  • Is the reduction of IT costs related to maintenance and equipment one of the goals linked to your decision? Would you like to pay only for the overall IT consumption?
  • Is the general physical condition of your infrastructure recent or should significant changes be made? Do you have the minimum requirements for making the transitions to cloud computing?
  • Does some of your users need to access your documents, data and/or software externally?

We will assist you through all the steps, and help you to take different decisions related to cloud services, for example, the choice of cloud services providers that will respond to the unique needs of your business.

It is important to note that BGR has no exclusivity with a particular supplier, which increases the spectrum of selection.

Make a cloud transition with peace of mind


Cloud Telephony

Are you thinking to switch to cloud telephony?

Whether you have already taken the steps for and finding a supplier in cloud telephony, and simply needs to prepare your IT park to receive it, or for a complete management implementation, we hold experiences to guide and prepare your IT infrastructure to receive it.

We support you by facilitating your access to new VoIP technologies in the clouds.

In collaboration with our partner SherWeb

Switch to cloud telephony


Web application development

You know the need? We have the solution!

Our programming department includes several services including the development of customized collaborative tools, but also, the maintenance of your applications.

We offer several custom-made development of new applications as well as the preservation and support of existing applications.

The technologies we use:

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Crystal Report (Business Objects)
  • AJAX
  • HTML 5

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