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Supports Non-profit Organizations

Each to his own trade,
our job is to manage your IT.

While you’re working to make our world a better place, we’re supporting you by ensuring you have peace of mind.

No matter what your mission is, we realize how important it is for you to secure certain information, communicate it effectively, collaborate better and transform your ideas into projects.

BGR Informatique has tailored two Managed Services plans that are specifically designed for non-profit organizations.


in the Same Mission

We’ll support you

You might have a great vision for your organization and you might be confident of the impact of your results. But, if you don’t have the support and security of an efficient and flexible IT system, you won’t accomplish anything.

The two plans created by BGR take into account the difficulty of saving and sharing certain files, as well as the high number of people in your organization who need access to official or daily information.

At BGR, we’ve understood the importance of immortalizing everything that’s said and done in your company. As the old saying goes, “Words vanish, the written word remains…”


Don’t Leave Anyone

Our offers include options that will work both in the office and remotely.

Both Plan 1 and Plan 2 take into consideration the number of collaborators — employees as well as volunteers or members of the Board – who work from home or outside your office. We know that it’s essential for all these people to communicate rapidly and clearly either in writing or by accessing documents that are vital to the company’s success.


Communicate and Collaborate Securely

We know that circulating important — and sometimes very sensitive — information to teams in varying disciplines or sectors can be a real challenge. That’s why we’ve placed special emphasis on this issue.

Thanks to tools offered by BGR, you can communicate with anyone by audio, video or web conference both inside or outside your organization. By taking advantage of these functions on your computer or your mobile device, you’ll be sure to get the flexibility you need.

Let’s Be More Specific…

Take a look at
our two offers

BGR Informatique will analyze your business needs and then propose the right solution for your company. Here are some of the factors we use to make our decision:

  • Age of Infrastructure
  • Operational Needs
  • Telework
  • Software used

Plan 1

WORKSTATIONCost per month/user


  • Monitor server fail
  • Proactive server maintenance
  • Backup verification
  • 50GB storage per user
  • Telephone support weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm
  • Proactive workstation maintenance
  • On-site visits
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Support for firewall and wireless internet (WiFi)
  • Installation of new workstations
  • Workstation and server
  • Office 365
  • Filtering of undesirable email
  • Inventory management
  • Annual IT plan and budget follow up
  • Technology surveillance
  • Management of technology purchases according to your specific needs
  • Support for mobile email issues
  • Third-party support

Plan 2

REMOTE SERVERCost per month/user

Plan 1

Cloud infrastructure


  • Internet telephony package (Cloud PBX) and Support
  • Extra storage
  • Firewall subscription, UTM SOPHOS security

Notes : On-site visits are included in the Managed Services package (20 km)

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